Friday, November 17, 2017
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Civil Matters/Foreclosures


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Real Estate Auctions

In the lobby of the Civil District Courthouse, 421 Loyola Avenue, on Thursdays at noon, unless otherwise advertised, Orleans Parish Sheriff's office will auction real estate properties that have been seized through foreclosure.  Each property and its auction date will be advertised in the Times Picayune, the official newspaper of record, thirty (30) days before the auction and again on Monday, the week of the auction. Properties are also advertised in a second publication like The Louisiana Weekly newspaper to run concurrently with those ads run in the Times Picayune. Upcoming lists of properties for sale are available in the Real Estate Section of the Sheriffs Office three (3) weeks prior to the actual auction of a piece of property and on this website under the heading, "Real Estate Sales Lists."   more information...

Orleans Parish Sheriff Marlin N. Gusman to Host Free Foreclosure Buying Seminar for Community Members

Orleans Parish Sheriff Marlin N. Gusman will host a seminar for citizens of Orleans Parish to provide them with important knowledge about buying a foreclosed property. No pre-registration is required. Topics will include foreclosure law, the basics of foreclosure sales and tips for making informed purchases at Sheriff’s Auctions.
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Moveables Auctions

Movables are anything that is considered a movable or chattel property.  Examples include but are not limited to automobiles, airplanes, boats, furniture, jewelry, business inventories, art work and musical instruments.  Automobile auctions are held at the garage of Rudy Smith Service Inc. located at 425 North Claiborne Avenue. Other movables are sold on sites within the city as advertised in the Times Picayune newspaper notices. more information...

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